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    Action Camera with wide functionality and portable in size. Long-living battery and ability to make a video in 4k.

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    Small and portable

    Black body and classical minimalistic design from Xiaomi.

    Portable size that allows you to bring it with you everywhere. The weight of this small gadget is only 99g, and the dimensions are 71.5×42.7×29.5 mm. This action camera at a low price allows you to make shots of your active life.

    Shoot in 4K resolution

    •  Sony IMX 317
    •  4K format
    •  145 degrees viewing angle
    •  9 modes of shooting

    This camera has a lot of settings, so you can adopt different modes to shoot for example in twilight or to shoot the time-lapse video of sunrise. Different sceneries, nature, action, active kinds of sports — everything is available for you.

    MiJia 4K Action Camera has a built-in Sony IMX 317 sensor, which can make shots in 3840×2160 resolution.

    As you can see this camera can record video in 4k. Action camera has a system of 7 lens and F/2.8 aperture; 145 degrees viewing angle will provide you with a high-quality picture without any distortions.

    This camera is multifunctional thanks to an ability to make shots and videos in different modes like:

    •  Slow-motion
    •  Usual video recording
    •  Time-lapse photo and video
    •  Burst (you can set up 30fpm)
    •  Loop recording (can be used as a car video recorder)
    •  Timer mode
    •  Video + photo (make a photo in a certain interval of time, while you recording the video)

    Make shots in different modes, because the camera can make a photo in resolution 720P / 200fps, 1080p/100fps. Also, it supports saving images in RAW-format. So, after you make a photo you can continue editing for example on PC without any quality losses. The camera allows to record time-lapse video in different modes (different time intervals) — 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s. Use them for different scenery conditions.

    Moreover, the camera supports 3D motion noise reduction — special method of suppressing noise in an image, appearing in low light. Built-in technology of lens distortion correction is very important especially for action cameras shooting.

    The biggest display of the action cameras

    • 2.4-inch display

    The camera has a 2.4-inch touchscreen. It allows you to watch a preview of your future photo and configure settings. Easy in use, everything on this small screen, which is the biggest in resolution to compare with other models of action cameras.

    Long battery life

    •  1450mAh
    •  USB support
    •  Ambarella A12S75

    The built-in 1450mAh battery will allow you to shoot about 120 minutes without recharging.

    But when the battery runs low, you can easily charge it using USB connection. Near the USB charge port there is a special micro-SD slot. So insert a memory card and let your imagination run wild.

    Ambarella A12S75 processor is responsible for the general work of the camera.

    This is a special kind of processors for action cameras with unique architecture and 28-nm process technology that allows minimize power consumption while maximize the performance. MiJia 4K Action Camera uses H.264 video compression technology.

    6-axis image stabilization

    To make a good-quality video Xiaomi provided this camera with a 6-axis electronic image stabilization. This technology is supported by 3-axis gyroscope (Bosch BMI160 IMU) and 3-axis accelerometer. Let you forget about any shaking effects in your video. Do more motion videos, shoot your favorite extreme sports and don’t be afraid about the quality.

    Fast connection with your smartphone

    • Wi-Fi (2.4MBps)
    • Bluetooth 4.1

    If you want to continue editing your content you can easily download photos on PC or on your smartphone.

    Camera easily synchs with your smartphone via a special application. Just activate the Wi-Fi module on the camera and start the connection. The speed of downloading is 2.4MBps.

    Small and lightweight, it will follow you in your every trip. This MiJia 4K Action Camera features a fast connection and ease of usage, it won’t let you to miss any successful shot.

    Good quality for good price. So just use your imagination and start creating unique and interesting content.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Xiaomi
    Model MiJia 4K Action Camera
    Type Action Camera
    Dimensions 71.5 × 42.7 × 29.5 mm
    Weight 99g
    Display Built-in 2.4-inch touchscreen, 960×480pixels
    Processor Ambarella A12S75
    Sensor Sony IMX 317
    Battery 14590mAh
    Battery life 120 minutes
    Gravity sensor Bosch BMI160,6-axis gyroscope
    Microphone Built-in
    Remote control Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    Lens 7 glass, 145° wide-angle
    Common shooting Up to 4K / 30 frames, 720P / 200fps,1080p/100fps, supports RAW image
    Image resolutions 3840×2160pixels
    Continuous shooting 30 photos / 1 sec
    Connection Wi-Fi, , download speeds of up to 2.4MBps
    Color Black
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Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black
Mi Home (Mijia) 4K Action Camera Black